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Led Connect

After 18 months of R&D, our designers and ingineers have come up with THE perfect cycling backpack.

The technology : a unique LED panel is slid into the external pocket of a backpack, connected to a remote control set on the handlebar.

Left, Right, Stop, it won’t be a secret anymore to the cars or other users behind you !

The extra smart feature of the panel ? The integrated brake sensor will detect any brutal change of velocity and blink red to alert the people behind you of the danger.

The LED panel only fits into our 3 bags, developed for different kind of uses.

The panel cannot be used in any bag as the pocket needs to be transparent enough to see the LEDs through it. 

Led Connect

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LED Backpack rain cover


The LED backpack rain cover was specifically designed for cycling. It assure a perfect visibility by night thanks to its unique LED panel ...

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